General QassemSoleimani

A Man Who Terrified the Axis of Enemies

Early Life

  • DOB
    March 11, 1957
  • POB
    Qanat, in Kerman Province-southeast Iran
He was born in the village of Qanat, in Kerman Province – southeast Iran
He worked as a construction worker prior to working in the Kerman Municipal Water Department.

In His Words

O wife, I have decided where my grave at the Martyr’s Cemetery in Kerman will be… Mahmoud knows where. Let my grave be simple like the graves of my fellow martyrs… Let it be written on the tomb stone: Qassem Soleimani the soldier, and not any other cliché expression.

Excerpt from Martyr Soleimani’s will –

It is my will that each of you choose a martyr, let him be missing [in action]…

An advice from Martyr Soleimani –

The martyrdom a commander affects me as if it were the martyrdom of an entire battalion… among those was martyr commander Haj Younis Zangi Abadi.

Excerpt from Martyr Soleimani’s memoirs –

Revolutionary And Jihadi Work

Martyr Qassem Soleimani engaged in revolutionary action against the Shah's regime during the Islamic Revolution

After the victory of the Islamic Revolution, he joined the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps [IRGC]
After a while, he became responsible of Kerman province airport protection
He joined the fighting fronts in Susangerd
Soleimani participated in most of the military operations during the Imposed War
The most important operations in which he participated are: Dawn 8 (Battle of al-Faw), Karbala 4 and Karbala 5
He gained prominence in leading reconnaissance missions behind Iraqi borders
He was mentioned by the Ba'ath Army in its own radio broadcasts
Soleimani was wounded in November 1982
He was the target of a failed assassination attempt by his physician


Martyr Qassem Soleimani was dubbed the “living martyr” because he fearlessly fought tough wars
He was more of a military field individual than an executive worker
He moved from one front to another for 40 years
He was a major subject for news bulletins, articles, and documentaries
For the 1st time in Iran, Imam Khamenei awarded him the Order of Zolfaghar



He was martyred by the US enemy at the dawn of Friday, Jan. 3, in Baghdad
Millions of Iraqis and Iranians participated in his and his companions’ funeral procession